Project Description

The Client

Kym runs her own dance classes and came to us in the beginning of 2015 and told us her usual supplier kept on letting her down. She brought in some of the uniform she had made in the past and let us know she wanted the same sort of thing. After some research into what she was supplied, we managed to replicate her logo and design from her current garment but using a higher quality material and garment for a cheaper price.

What we do for Kym

Each one of Kym’s garments are personalised with dancers’ names which could get quite confusing in high volumes. At Thread Arrows we have an inbuilt customer management system to solve this so there are minimal errors. All Kym has to do is let us know the names and their sizes and we then carry out the rest of the work and let her know when it was all ready for her to collect or be delivered.

Kym also requires a very quick turnaround when new dancers are added to her class. We can get these prepared and ready for her within 24 hours ensuring all her attendees aren’t without a personalised garment.