Digital Printing

Thread Arrows now offers advanced full colour Digital (DTG) Printing to all customer and clients. Direct to garment printing is a printing method that allows any full colour photo, design or artwork to be printed on any colour garment. DTG printing has a much better quality in comparison to transfer printing as with transfers you can really feel the design on the garment where as a design on a digitally printed product is set into the fabric.

As long as the garment is at least 80% cotton, 20% polyester, we can print any design on any colour garment, from as little as 1-1000 colours.

Our full colour Direct to garment printing service can be available for dispatch in just 24 hours.

To start your order for DTG printed clothing, visit our Products page to look at what garment you would like to be printed on. Then please contact us at or 024 764 22226 or use our Contact Us page for a competitive quote.

Plus Points to DTG Printing

Works best on small and medium quantities
+ Great for multi-coloured or photo prints
+ Available with same day dispatch*
+ Similar quality to screen printing and cheaper on small orders
+ DTG printers can print onto any colour of garment

 DTG printing can only be used on 100% or 80%/20% cotton garments

* At additional cost

Digital printing is a brand new printing method for garments which works very much like a standard multi-purpose inkjet printer. Instead of first printing the design onto a transfer sheet and then applying it to the garment with a heat press, DTG printing machines print directly onto the garment. This results in a faultless high quality print with maximum detail, even on complex full colour designs and high definition photos. Until recently, DTG printers could only print effectively onto white garments. However, thanks to advances in technology, Thread Arrows are now able to offer Direct to garment printing on any coloured garment including black and navy. Not only can DTG printing create high quality finishes in similar detail to screen printing, the setup costs are also considerably lower, this is because we can print from 1-1000. Don’t forget; we are also able to offer full colour DTG printed garments with a 24 hour turnaround!

If you are interested in purchasing Digitally Printed garments from Thread Arrows, please contact us at or 024 764 22226 or use our Contact Us page with your enquiry and we will be more than happy to help.